Communication Agency PR Inc. is working in the consulting market for 15 years

PR Inc. provides a wide range of services for the development and implementation of public relations strategies and programs
Management of the business reputation of companies and non-profit structures. Development and implementation of communication strategies, organization of business events, speech writing, interaction with the media
Development and implementation of communication strategies for public companies. IPO, support of securities issues, mergers and acquisitions
Development of creative scenarios of business, social and evening events with the aim of creating hype and wide media coverage
Corporate communications
Financial communications
Organization of events
Building effective communications with the staff
Range of services for market research, planning of product launch and its further promotion, planning and implementation of communications, branding, development and implementation of loyalty programs
Informational support of court proceedings, interaction with the public, adjustment of the reputation of companies, businessmen, politicians and public figures. Neutralization of negative in the media
Intracorporate PR
Marketing communications
Crisis communications
Information and analytical services
Trainings and seminars
Complex of analytical services necessary for making business decisions in operational management, entering by the company to new markets, evaluating the company's initiatives by various groups of audiences
In the course of trainings, skills of professional communications, interaction with the media and the public, public speaking are developed, and features of communication in emergency situations are reinforced
Senior Partner
Партнер, директор по работе с клиентами
Olga Dashevskaya
Yana Osman
Our team
combines high professionalism, creativity, ability to solve tasks outside the box and focus on successful results
Nadezhda Alilueva
Financial Director
Maxim Biryukov
Head of Consumer Market Group
Alesya Tytyuchenko
Head of Finance and Industry Group
Ekaterina Gerashchenko
Our awards
ICCO Global Awards
Kotler Awards
Silver Mercury
RuPoR Awards
RUNET Awards
The SABRE Awards
Eventiada Awards
Serebryany Luchnik
Digital Communication Awards
Clients PR Inc
+7 (495) 651 84 54
Berezhkovskaya nbrezhnaya, 20, bld.8,
By public transport: From the metro station Kievskaya by trolleybus No.7, 17, 34 (or any other, which says "Berezhkovskaya nab." to stop "TEZTS No.12" or "Patent Office", then go between the houses, you'll see house No.20, bld. 19, go in and speak to the security, that you are heading to PR Inc., a pass will be issued to you, and in the business park you should pass to the building 8, to the 3rd floor, the black-silver door on the right.

By car: Drive along Berezhkovskaya naberezhnaya in the direction of the Third Transport Ring from Kievsky Railway Station, after TEZTS (long yellow building) turn right (first turn after the TEZTS complex) before the traffic light. Head along the narrow road between the houses to the green gates and barrier. In the house No.20, bld. 19, order a pass to PR Inc. and go further according to the scheme to the 8th building, then go to the 3rd floor, a black and silver door on the right.

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